Our Approach

We aren’t like other law firms. Call it a conscious decision on our part to be better, act better, and treat people better than they’re used to being treated by their lawyers.

When you contact us, we don’t see money or just another file coming through the door. We see a person who is entrusting us with their legal needs and giving us the opportunity to be of service.

We promise to deliver value and we guarantee it.
Most law firms are committed to providing value, but at Cougle + Co. we guarantee it.

If we fail to meet our service and value commitments to you, we encourage you to adjust your bill to what you believe represents fair value for our legal services.

We’re forward-thinking legal professionals, passionate about providing exceptional client service.

The legal profession is old and some of its practices are antiquated. Sometimes clients and their concerns are an afterthought.

At Cougle + Co. we’re always looking for ways to improve, grow, be more efficient, and “sharpen the saw”, so that we can pass along the savings to our clients.

We seek clients and referral partners we believe in.
Honesty, authenticity, and integrity are not just values that we try to exude daily, they're also values we hope to attract in like-minded clients and referral partners who are interested in doing their best and working with great people.

We know it’s about you, not us.

After a while, some businesses (including law firms) behave like they’re well-oiled machines, fuelled by their clients.

At Cougle + Co., we will never forget that we exist solely to serve your legal needs. We’re great listeners, whose goal is to provide exceptional legal services tailored to fit your needs.