Raising Money + Investor Services

Are you in the planning stages of raising capital? Or are you looking at investing a substantial sum in a start-up or growing company? Both are big commitments and we can help. 

Cougle + Co. can provide guidance as you navigate start-up financing, IPOs, private placements or public financings, or secondary offerings. Our experience includes the full spectrum of public and private equity financings transactions, traditional bank finance transactions, and debt securities offerings.

With respect to investor services, we can take your examination of potential investments in a company one step further and make sure you are aware of all issues, risks, and red flags prior to making your investment. 

We are experienced in:

Equity Financings:
  • Private investments
  • Public offerings
  • Private placements (brokered and non-brokered) 
  • IPOs
  • Capital Pool Companies (CPCs)
Debt Financings:
  • Bank financing
  • Debt offerings 
  • Loan agreements
  • General security agreements 
  • Mortgages
Corporate Services:
  • Business plans
  • Investor/Corporate presentations
  • Securities legislation
  • Stock exchange rules
  • Letters of intent 
  • Deal negotiations
  • CPC qualifying transactions
  • Proxy contest
Investor Services:
  • Due diligence 
  • Deal negotiations 
  • Board oversight agreements
  • Management oversight agreements
  • Proxy contests


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