Business Law

A business isn’t just how you make your living, it’s how you spend your life. It’s also a big undertaking that takes a certain boldness to get off the ground and a lot of effort to grow.

Whether you’re well on your way, or just considering something for your future, it’s worthwhile to chat with a lawyer about your plans.

Cougle + Co. can equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to make informed business decisions throughout the growth of your company. We strive to provide practical legal advice and solutions, expertly and efficiently, to keep your costs down.

Plus, we’re available to work with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to junior and mid-market issuers. Being a smaller firm doesn’t limit the scope of our business law expertise, just the number of businesses we can serve. For you, that means more attentive and personalized service than larger law firms can offer.

Start-ups + Corporate Governance

How you structure your business has potentially long-term implications for how you can operate and grow your business. 
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Commercial Law + Business Advisory

As your company grows, your legal obligations and responsibilities will grow with it. Engaging the services of a law firm experienced in corporate governance and corporate commercial law is crucial to your future success.
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Raising Money + Investor Services

Are you in the planning stages of raising capital? Or are you looking at investing a substantial sum in a startup or growing company? Both are big commitments and we can help.
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Business Purchases + Sales

Selling your company or planning to acquire one? Negotiations can be tricky, but having Cougle + Co. on your side ensures that you will get the best possible deal.
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Commercial Real Estate

Cougle + Co. has worked extensively in commercial real estate, providing legal advice for all transaction types as they relate to every asset class. 
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Cannabis Laws + Regulations

With a federal license, it’s currently legal to produce, distribute, and sell marijuana for medical purposes in Canada. In early 2017, the federal government introduced legislation that will legalize the recreational production, sale, and use of cannabis in Canada. With legalization, market demands are expected to rise.
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